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A book = Wealth

Publishing a book instantly helps you grow your business and increase your income. I’m not talking about trying to write a 'bestseller' or even selling the books, I’m talking about using a book as a marketing tool; to boost your sales and income.

A book = Credibility

People who have published a book are perceived as experts. Prospects see your name and face on a book cover and view you as an authority figure. The more credible you are, the more sales you will make.

A book = Free Advertising

Radio stations, TV shows, magazines & newspapers are looking to give you free publicity. They start every day with an empty page ready to give someone exposure. Who gets that exposure? Published authors!

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Dr. Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The One Minute Manager

"I have a high regard for Gerry Robert and the things he has achieved. That is why I have written the forward to two of his books"

Rich DeVos, Founder

The Amway Corporation

"Gerry gives people real guidance for achievement."

Mark Victor Hansen

Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Gerry is awesome. He went from poverty to success and I`m glad to count him as my friend"

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You don't need to be a writer - you just have to know what you already know! If you're running a business, you're already an expert in your field, so why not tell the world and have the world come to you? Learn how to publish a book, become an authority in your field and grow rich!

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About Gerry Robert

Gerry Robert has been working in marketing his entire career and has a wealth of experience to bring to the table. Gerry brought himself out of poverty and ended up earning over $1 Million a year. Now he's a mentor to some of the highest income earners in numerous industries, giving practical ideas and strategies to build any business. He is a best-selling author, columnist, speaker and consultant and has spoken to over 3 million people around the world. He has written several bestselling books including 'The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income'.